January 15, 2019

Toben Lafrancois, PhD

Research Associate

Northland College

"Emergence of Tick-Borne Diseases in the Upper Midwest"

May 21, 2019

Sophie LaFond-Hudson, MS
Graduate Student

Water Resource Science

University of Minnesota - Duluth

February 19, 2019

Michelle Morency and Karlee Prince

Undergraduate Researchers

Northland College

"How Does Sulfur Affect Wild Rice?"

April 16, 2019

Michael R. Olson, PhD
NADP Coordinator
Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Previous Speakers 2019

 "The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP): The Past, Present, and Future of Monitoring Pollutants in Precipitation"

July 16, 2019

Benjamin Clarke, PhD

Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences

​University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth

"Facing the Challenges of Mining, Resource Demand, and Environmental Stewardship in a Changing World"

 "Meteorite Hunting in Antarctica"

 "Lake Superior and the Younger Dryas Cold Period: Observing Our Last Ice Age Through Cosmogenic Nuclides"

August 20, 2019

Mary Kay Bates, MS

Senior Global Applications Scientist

Thermo Fisher Scientific

 "Invasive Zebra Mussels and Native Mussel Communities in the Apostle Islands: Results from Recent SCUBA Surveys and Genetic Source Population Analysis"

September 17, 2019

Tom Fitz PhD

Professor of Geoscience

Northland College

"The Issues with Disposing of and Recycling Plastics"

​​TUESDAY MAY 21, 6:30 PM

Ashland Science on Tap

March 19, 2019

Stephen Ballou

Aquatics and Invasives Outreach Ranger

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

June 18, 2019

Mike Bunch
Registered Professional Engineer

Retired Consultant

Plastics Molding

"Curing Cancer Using Cell Therapy: How Does It Work?"