"A Geologic Perspective on Climate Change"

September 18, 2012

John Pastor PhD

Professor of Biology

University of Minnesota - Duluth

April 10, 2012

Suzanne Sanders PhD

Terrestrial Ecologist
National Park Service Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network

March 20, 2012

Lindsey Tuominen MS

Adjunct Instructor
Northland College

"Moose and the Boreal Forest"

"The Poop on Beach Monitoring"

April 15, 2014

Mike Michaud MS

Consultant, Renewable Energy

"Obesity-Related Illness: A Biological Look at a Key Contributor to the Health Care Crisis"

"The Science and Ecology of Restoring Urban Shoreland"

Previous Speakers 2012

"The Forests of the Apostle Islands: How Healthy Are They?"

August 21, 2012

Diane Desotelle MS

Climate Extension Educator

​Minnesota Sea Grant

June 16, 2012

Owen Gorman PhD

Research Fishery Biologist
Lake Superior Biological Station

​U.S. Geological Survey

"Getting Ready for the Future: Adapting to a Changing Climate in the Great Lakes Region"

"Magnetite Processing: Getting Rock into Usable Iron"

February 21, 2012

Wendy Gorman PhD

Professor of Biology
Northland College

"Biomass as a Renewable Energy Fuel"

November 13, 2012

Irina Haller PhD

Interim Manager

Research Informatics and Biostatistics 

Essentia Institute of Rural Health

January 17, 2012

Bill Route MS

Program Coordinator/Ecologist
National Park Service Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network

April 15, 2014

Mike Michaud MS

Consultant, Renewable Energy

October 16, 2012

Brick Fevold MS

Natural Resources Research Specialist

Bureau of Science Services

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

"Can Humans Hibernate?"

April 19, 2011

James Hagstrom PhD

President, Founder and Owner

Mirus Bio LLC

Previous Speakers 2011

"Discovery of a New Virus in Wisconsin Bluegills"

November 15, 2011

Shon Schooler PhD

Research Coordinator

Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve

"Nature Simplified: Using Dynamic Nanotechnology to Treat Disease"

March 8, 2011

Our Inaugural Event!

Randy Lehr PhD

Bro Professor of Sustainable Regional Development

Northland College

July 19, 2011

Bill Williams


Gogebic Taconite

"Science, Education and Stewardship: The Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve"

"35 Years Studying the Fish Community of the World's Largest Lake: Where We've Been and What We've Learned"

August 16, 2011

Theresa Paulsen MS

Science Teacher

Mellen High School

Airborne Astronomy Ambassador for NASA

"Infrared Astronomy Aboard NASA's SOFIA"

July 17, 2012

Paul Bates PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology

​University of Minnesota - Duluth

June 21, 2011

Mike Hoffman PhD

Professor of Microbiology

University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

September 20, 2011

Tom Fitz PhD

Associate Professor of Geoscience

Northland College

October 18, 2011

David Donovan MS

Manager, Regulatory Policy

Xcel Energy

"To D or Not to D? Separating Fact From Fiction in the Vitamin D Debate"

May 15, 2010

Matthew Andrews PhD

Professor of Biology

​University of Minnesota - Duluth

"Simulation Science in Engineering"

May 10, 2011

David Vedder

Director of Engineering

C.G. Bretting Manufacturing

"Starting From Zero (Gravity): The Benefits and Challenges of Plants for Sustaining Human Life in Space"

"The Bald Eagle as a Sentinel for Monitoring Mercury, Flame Retardants and Other Environmental Contaminants"

Ashland Science on Tap

"Fishing for Solutions - What Can Fish Tell Us About Environmental Restoration?"